Updates and stuff! by Ngaio Nobumoto

I finally got around to [somewhat] finishing up my new site. Amidst the myriads of changes I've made to the site, updating my portfolio is one of the more noteworthy changes. There's some new content, so check it out!

Speaking of portfolios, I plan on going over what it took to get those photos, so keep an eye out for that.

My new website. by Ngaio Nobumoto

Hello readers!

So, first off, I guess this is my first blog post to my new website. I've never really run much of a blog I've maintained before, but it seems simple enough on here, so I'll probably do it more often. 

If any of you are familiar with me, you may have noticed I've transitioned from using my old business name Ngaio Photographic to simply using my name: Ngaio Nobumoto. Why, you may ask? I feel using my name represents my work better.

I've been redesigning this website over my Christmas break from school, and so far it's going well. I'm going through all my photographs and clients and picking out my best photos. It's a daunting task, because there's a lot of photos that I want to put up, but are either too repetitive, or not quite portfolio material in my opinion. But the good thing is, once I'm done with it, I'm done. My goal is to get this website done by the end of break.

The only two things left to do after that are to update my business cards, and update my Facebook page name. I really need to maintain that a little better. It takes time, I guess.